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Efficient, Remote, and Patient-Centric

Welcome to Uncommon Cures’ Subject Screening for Clinical Trials page. Here we delve into our unique approach to identifying and screening participants for our rare disease clinical trials. Our methods leverage remote technologies and strong collaborations to ensure we reach the most relevant patients and make the trial process as accessible as possible.

Remote Screening Tools for Subject Participation

In an era where digital technology is revolutionizing healthcare, we have embraced remote screening tools to identify and evaluate potential participants for our clinical trials. This not only broadens our reach but also makes the process more convenient and less burdensome for patients.

Collaboration with Patient Advocacy Groups and Clinics

Key to our screening process is our collaboration with Patient Advocacy Groups and clinics. By partnering with these groups, we can identify potential subjects more efficiently, ensuring that those who could most benefit from our trials have the opportunity to participate.

Sample Acquisition and Molecular Analysis

Our comprehensive screening process includes sample acquisition and molecular analysis, including genetics, when relevant. This allows us to identify the most suitable participants for our trials and ensure our studies are as targeted and effective as possible.

At Uncommon Cures, we believe in making the uncommon possible. Our unique approach to subject screening for clinical trials reflects our commitment to patient-centered, efficient, and impactful research. To learn more about our screening process or to discuss potential collaboration, please contact us today.

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