In House Clinical Trial (No External Facilities)

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Comprehensive, Patient-Centric, and Efficient

Welcome to Uncommon Cures’ In-House Clinical Trials page. Here, we detail our comprehensive approach to conducting clinical trials entirely within our own facilities. Our aim is to provide a seamless, efficient, and patient-centric experience, ensuring the highest level of care and convenience for all participants.

Infusion for Trial or PK

Our facility is equipped to provide infusions for pharmacokinetic (PK) studies and efficacy studies across phases 1, 2, and 3.

Preparation of FDA/EU Packet

We work closely with sponsors to prepare regulatory packets for submission to the FDA and European Union regulatory bodies.

Oral Administration

We offer both initial administration of oral medications at our facility and at-home administration support, as needed.

Research Pharmacy and Storage

Our in-house research pharmacy and storage facilities ensure all necessary medication and equipment are on hand and properly stored.

Hotel Facility and Travel Planning

For families participating in our trials, we offer hotelling spaces and a dedicated staff to handle all travel arrangements. Our team acts as a concierge, ensuring a comfortable stay and a smooth, stress-free experience.

Contracted At-Home Sample Acquisition

We partner with national companies, such as Quest, to provide in-home visits for blood draws and other sample collections, further reducing the burden on patients and families.

Secure Records Administration

We ensure the secure storage of both digital and physical materials, maintaining the integrity and privacy of all patient data.

IRB Administration

We handle all elements of Institutional Review Board (IRB) administration, from consent processes to protocol management.

Sample Acquisition

Our experienced team is proficient in drawing and processing samples, as well as securely shipping and storing them.

Post-Study Analysis

Our team conducts rare disease-relevant statistical analyses to determine study success, ensuring the most accurate and meaningful results.

Physical Exam and Case Review

In-house rare disease physicians conduct physical examinations and case reviews. Where possible, we utilize remote imaging and regular provider exams to minimize patient inconvenience, even aiming for potentially touchless studies.

Medical Economic Analysis

In collaboration with sponsors, we develop a comprehensive analysis of the economic impact of therapy and prepare data for payer presentations.

At Uncommon Cures, we are committed to making the uncommon possible. Our approach to in-house clinical trials reflects our dedication to patient-centric, efficient, and impactful research. To learn more or to discuss potential collaboration, please contact us today.

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