Clinical Trial With Facilities (External Complex)

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Leveraging External Expertise for Comprehensive Care

Welcome to Uncommon Cures’ Clinical Trial With Facilities (External Complex) page. Here, we detail our approach to conducting clinical trials that necessitate the use of external facilities. By harnessing the resources and expertise of trusted external partners, we ensure our patients receive comprehensive care without compromising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our trials.

Pre-existing Contracts for Needed Services

Uncommon Cures has pre-established contracts with external providers for specific pediatric and adult services, such as surgical and neurosurgical procedures, ICU bed provision, MRI and imaging services, and more. These partnerships enable us to seamlessly incorporate necessary external facilities and services into our trials when our own facility's resources are insufficient.

Multiple Sites Locally for Best-Pricing of Services

We are committed to cost-efficiency without compromising the quality of care. To this end, we negotiate pricing with multiple local facilities, including Children's, Hopkins, INOVA, and MedStar, to secure the best pricing and contracting for our trials.

At Uncommon Cures, we are dedicated to making the uncommon possible. Our approach to clinical trials with external facilities reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective care to our patients. To learn more about our approach or to discuss potential collaboration, please contact us today.

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