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Harnessing Digital Innovation for Impactful Research

Welcome to our Clinical Trial – Data Collection Study page at Uncommon Cures. Here, we share our approach to gathering and managing data in our rare disease clinical trials. Our methodologies are designed to be flexible, efficient, and patient-centric, leveraging digital innovations to enhance data accuracy and accessibility.

Remote Data Entry

We prioritize the convenience and comfort of our patients and providers. Our study designs enable remote entry of case report forms and measurement items, allowing participants and healthcare professionals to contribute valuable data from wherever they are.

Develop Survey Tools

Our team uses trusted platforms like RedCap and SurveyMonkey to develop user-friendly survey tools. We work closely with the FDA to determine which tools require validation, ensuring our data collection methods meet regulatory standards.

Develop Enrollment Outreach

At Uncommon Cures, we believe in the power of community. Early in our study design process, we collaborate with relevant patient groups to develop contact registries, always obtaining re-contact permission. We identify investigators willing to inform patients about our studies and work with Centers of Excellence (COEs) whenever possible to enhance our reach and engagement.

Our data collection practices are an integral part of our commitment to revolutionizing rare disease clinical research. By embracing digital technologies and prioritizing patient engagement, we ensure our studies are as inclusive, accessible, and efficient as possible.

Learn more about our approach to data collection in clinical trials and discover how Uncommon Cures is making the uncommon possible. For further information or to discuss potential collaboration, we invite you to contact us today.

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